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Rauch Kick Cajon Drum

Rauch Kick Cajon Drum
Rauch Kick Cajon DrumRauch Kick Cajon DrumRauch Kick Cajon Drum
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In order to push the boundaries on what is musically possible from a cajon, we did a bit of thinking inside the box. The addition of an internal kick pedal adds an entirely new dynamic to the way the player can interact with the cajon. The inclusion of the pedal introduces a wide new range of tonal possibilities whilst the design allows for ultimate ease of use. The kick pedal allows for more rhythmically detailed playing and the birch wood body provides an ideal surface for the beater, allowing the sound to resonate inside the cajon before leaving the rebated Ruach sound port.

Nicknamed the “Drum Kit in a Box," external systems and bulky add-ons cause confusion to the cajons identity. Sick and tired of cumbersome external pedal systems? Our answer is simple - the internal bass pedal system. By simply using your heel, the pedal engages a beater from inside the cajon and provides you with a deep bass note, imitating a kick pedal on an acoustic drum kit. You can be sure to turn a few heads when you bring this out on stage! Whilst being able to introduce new fills, you also have full access to the Tapa which external systems prevent.

The well recognised Ruach sound hole featured on these cajons allows for the production of bass frequencies that extend down into the low end of the spectrum. The bass pedal system ensures that the bass is tight and warm, adding attack to each hit. Taking care of the higher frequency range is the 2-way snare lock, which adds an overall shine to the sound of the Cajon and allows it to cut through in every live situation. The curvature at the top of the sound hole also fits into the users hand easily, making bringing along your cajon to gigs, that bit more enjoyable.

The fixed snares ensure you achieve a consistent sound, every time you play. The Street uses 20 strand, authentic snare wires giving you a tight snappy snare along with a deep bass. You can have a lot of fun with this one!

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