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Artec EPP-MG Active Sound hole pick upArtec EPP-MG Active Sound hole pick upOur price: £46.99View Endpin preamp and soundhole pickup kit Artec PC-85 Undersaddle pick upArtec PC-85 Undersaddle pick upOur price: £24.95View Piezo cable is an alternative form of piezo polymer sensor. Designed as a coax cable, the piezo polymer is the "dielectric" between the centre core and the outer braid. When the piezo cable is compressed or stretched by vibration of strings, a voltage of sound signal is generated proportional to the stress.Artec SF-607 undersaddle pick upArtec SF-607 undersaddle pick upOur price: £19.99View SF series 'SolidFlex' Transducer SF pickup series is newly designed to accomplish both advantages, the flexibility of cable & film type pickup, and the power of solid type piezo. Also this pickup uses gold plated contact board and solid piezo like PG Series, and special design of flexibility is applied to SF series. It reduces buzzing sound caused by curved bottom of saddle or rough surface of pickup cavity on the bridge of guitar. This new design can make stable and clear sound. SF Series has the same output and impedance as PP and PG series, so they fit all Artec EQ products. SF pickup series is also applying the same cable and metal pipe jack as PG pickup series.Artec Ukulele Piezo Transducer 8873UArtec Ukulele Piezo Transducer 8873UOur price: £14.99View The Artec PP404U ukulele piezo transducer is great quality and excellent value for money. Artec's reliable construction produces a wide range of tone and response. Ceramic piezo undersaddle transducer with mini jack plug that will fit most instruments 2.6mm width, 44mm length
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