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Blaxx 2 mode Distortion Pedal DIST-ABlaxx 2 mode Distortion Pedal DIST-ARRP: £37.50Our price: £32.00You save: £5.50 (15%)View BLAXX Distortion pedal for electric guitarBlaxx 3 Mode Distortion Pedal DIST-BBlaxx 3 Mode Distortion Pedal DIST-BRRP: £45.00Our price: £36.00You save: £9.00 (20%)View BLAXX 3-mode Distortion pedal for electric guitarBlaxx ABY PedalBlaxx ABY PedalRRP: £37.50Our price: £30.00You save: £7.50 (20%)View Can combine 1 guitar into 2 amplifiers or 2 guitars into 1 amplifierBlaxx Bass EQ PedalBlaxx Bass EQ PedalRRP: £53.50Our price: £42.00You save: £11.50 (21%)View BLAXX 5-band Equalizer pedal for bass guitar
Blaxx Bass Limiter PedalBlaxx Bass Limiter PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £36.00You save: £9.00 (20%)View BLAXX limiter or enhancer pedal for electric bass guitarBlaxx Booster PedalBlaxx Booster PedalRRP: £39.00Our price: £36.00You save: £3.00 (8%)View Blaxx Chorus PedalBlaxx Chorus PedalRRP: £42.00Our price: £39.00You save: £3.00 (7%)View Blaxx Delay PedalBlaxx Delay PedalRRP: £49.00Our price: £39.00You save: £10.00 (20%)View BLAXX Delay pedal for electric guitar
Blaxx Flanger PedalBlaxx Flanger PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £36.00You save: £9.00 (20%)View BLAXX 2-mode Flanger pedal for electric guitarBlaxx Fuzz PedalBlaxx Fuzz PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £39.00You save: £6.00 (13%)View BLAXX Fuzz pedal for electric guitarBlaxx Heavy Metal PedalBlaxx Heavy Metal PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £36.00You save: £9.00 (20%)View BLAXX 3-mode Metal pedal for electric guitarBlaxx Phaser PedalBlaxx Phaser PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £39.00You save: £6.00 (13%)View BLAXX 2-mode Phaser pedal for electric guitar
Blaxx Power supply BX-PWR Supply-3Blaxx Power supply BX-PWR Supply-3Our price: £59.00View Power supply for up to 8 pedals Die cast metal housing 12v external DC Adaptor (included) 8 x 9v 300mA inputs 2A total maximum current output Includes power supply cables for the pedals and polarity conversion cable Blaxx Reverb PedalBlaxx Reverb PedalRRP: £85.00Our price: £69.00You save: £16.00 (19%)View BLAXX Reverb pedal for electric guitar, with 4 different modesBlaxx Tremolo PedalBlaxx Tremolo PedalRRP: £45.00Our price: £36.00You save: £9.00 (20%)View BLAXX Tremolo pedal for guitar with 2 different modesBlaxx Tuner PedalBlaxx Tuner PedalRRP: £37.50Our price: £30.00You save: £7.50 (20%)View BLAXX auto-chromatic tuner pedal for guitar, bass and other music instruments
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