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Ibanez Analog Delay Mini PedalIbanez Analog Delay Mini PedalOur price: £89.00View The mini-pedal market has been booming the past few years, so we felt the time was right to offer some of our most legendary pedals in new mini housing! Ibanez is proud to announce the new MINI pedal Family, including the Analog Delay. Made in Japan, the ADMINI features two smaller knobs for Repeat and Blend, and a significantly larger Delay Time knob in the middle. The range of delay time is 20ms to 600ms. True bypass switching provides the shortest, most direct signal path, as well as the cleanest tone. 100% Analog Circuitry allows for the warmth of tone that players desire from analog delays. With the ADMINI, enjoy a warm, classic, and exceptionally clean delay, all while saving some space on your pedalboard.Ibanez S5570Q electric guitarIbanez S5570Q electric guitarOur price: £1469.00View Mahogany body Quilted maple top Super Wizard HP 5pc Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods Rosewood fretboard w/Off-set white dot inlay Jumbo frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment HGD1 (H) neck pickup (Passive/Alnico) ST2 (S) mid pickup (Passive/Alnico) HGD2 (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic) Includes hard shell case This guitar will receive a professional set up, free of charge, before it leaves the store.Ibanez SR300L iron pewter bass guitarIbanez SR300L iron pewter bass guitarOur price: £259.00View For 25 years the SR has given bass players a modern alternative. With its continued popularity, Ibanez is constantly endeavoring to answer the wider needs of a variety of players, at a variety of budgets. But no matter what the specs, the heart is the same-SR continues to excite with its smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and perfectly matched electronics. Mahogany body SR4 5pc Maple/Rosewood neck Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlay Medium frets Accu-cast B125 bridge CAP EXF-N2 pick ups Ibanez custom electronics 3 band EQ Cosmo black hardware  Ibanez TS808 Tube ScreamerIbanez TS808 Tube ScreamerOur price: £169.00View Often imitated but never duplicated, the TS808 Tube screamer very well may have spawned more off-shoots and variations than any other pedal on the market. Now you can own the faithful reissue of this world-famous stomp box at a price that doesn't break the bank. The reissue includes the same JRC4558D IC chip and analog circuitry as the original, and features traditional overdrive, level, and tone controls.
Ibanez TS9 TubescreamerIbanez TS9 TubescreamerOur price: £125.00View The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is a reissue that's just like the original in so many ways. Same housing, same instantly identifiable green paint, and the same crankin' overdrive that makes it one of the all-time classics in guitar effects. So, plug it in, crank it up, and you'll hear what all the fuss is about.Ibanez Tube Screamer MiniIbanez Tube Screamer MiniOur price: £67.00ViewIbanez knows your pedal board real estate is valuable. Here’s a Tube Screamer made to help you manage that hallowed ground. Same legendary pedal. Same legendary tone. TSMINI Features
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