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Hercules Clarinet Stand DS440BHercules Clarinet Stand DS440BOur price: £19.99View Hercules Flute Stand DS460BHercules Flute Stand DS460BOur price: £19.99View Hercules GS200B EZ Pack Guitar Stand, Acoustic/ElectricHercules GS200B EZ Pack Guitar Stand, Acoustic/ElectricOur price: £16.99View The HERCULES EZ Pack Guitar Stand GS200B features a patented design that fits both acoustic and electric instruments, hard rubber contacts that protect your instrument, and GS200B folds compact enough to fit in backpacks, instrument cases or gig bags.Hercules GS301B Travlite Acoustic Guitar StandHercules GS301B Travlite Acoustic Guitar StandOur price: £19.99View The HERCULES TravLite Acoustic Guitar Stand GS301B with sturdy yet light-weight steel construction fits acoustic guitars and most vihuelas.
Hercules GS302B Travlite Electric Guitar StandHercules GS302B Travlite Electric Guitar StandOur price: £20.99View The HERCULES TravLite Electric Guitar/Bass Stand GS302B is solid, sturdy and compact.Hercules GS303B Travlite Folk Instrument StandHercules GS303B Travlite Folk Instrument StandOur price: £19.99View The HERCULES TravLite Folk Instrument Stand GS303B is solid, sturdy and compact. Designed for Banjos, Mandolins, Ukuleles, and Violins.Hercules GS402BB Guitar StandHercules GS402BB Guitar StandOur price: £20.99View The HERCULES Mini Guitar Stand GS402BB for Electric or Bass Guitar is designed to fold up quickly and pack into the included Carrying bag.Hercules GS412B Guitar StandHercules GS412B Guitar StandOur price: £38.99View Built in Auto Grip System safely locks instruments in place. The Comfort Grip with locking pin allows for quick adjustments and for locking stand at the desired height The folding back rest provides instrument support, multi angle position adjustment and collapses for easy transport Specially Formulated Rubber Foam fully protects instrument at all contact points
Hercules GS464B Banjo StandHercules GS464B Banjo StandOur price: £29.99View The system is driven by the weight of the guitar. The AGS yoke slides down closing the arms securing the instrument.Hercules GS525B 5-PC GUITAR DISPLAY RACKHercules GS525B 5-PC GUITAR DISPLAY RACKOur price: £95.00View The HERCULES Multi-Guitar Rack GS525B accommodates five guitars with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber covering all contact points. Expands with HA205 and will accommodate up to 10 guitars.Hercules HA-205 Extension Yoke for RackHercules HA-205 Extension Yoke for RackOur price: £7.99View The HERCULES Extension Pack HA205 expands the Guitar Rack GS523B/GS525B.Hercules MS120B Low Profile "H" Base Microphone Stand With Boom & Mic ClipHercules MS120B Low Profile "H" Base Microphone Stand With Boom & Mic ClipOur price: £38.99View The HERCULES Low Profile Mic Stand MS120B with telescoping boom is ideal for drum and amplifier applications.
Hercules MS632B EZ Grip Tripod Microphone Stand with 2 in 1 Boom & Mic ClipHercules MS632B EZ Grip Tripod Microphone Stand with 2 in 1 Boom & Mic ClipOur price: £65.00View The HERCULES Tripod Base Boom Mic Stand MS632B features the EZ Mic Clip, the 2-in-1 Boom Clamp, and the Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip.Hercules Sax Stand DS530BBHercules Sax Stand DS530BBOur price: £23.99View The HERCULES Saxophone Stand DS530BB has a folding yoke, an adjustable backrest, and locking pins that are secure and stable for use with Tenor or Alto Saxophones.Hercules Trombone Stand DS420BHercules Trombone Stand DS420BOur price: £37.99View Hercules Trumpet Stand DS410BHercules Trumpet Stand DS410BOur price: £14.99View 
Hercules Violin Wall hanger DSP57WBHercules Violin Wall hanger DSP57WBOur price: £18.99View The Hercules Violin/Viola Hanger DSP57WB utilizes the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke and features a wood base that mounts to most walls.Hercules Wall Hanger for Classical guitar GSP28WBHercules Wall Hanger for Classical guitar GSP28WBOur price: £10.95View The Hercules GSP28WB. A wall mounting hanger designed especially for guitars with wider necks so it's perfect for classical guitars. The AutoSwivel yoke allows different shaped guitars to hang vertically, The yoke is covered with Hercules' SFF (Specially Formulated Foam) to protect your instruments.Hercules Wall Hanger GSP38WBHercules Wall Hanger GSP38WBOur price: £15.99View The HERCULES Auto-Swivel Yoke Hanger GSP38WB PLUS rotates automatically to accommodate different shaped guitars or basses vertically and safely. It features an attractive wood base for home or studio use.
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