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Chord Blues 10 HarmonicaChord Blues 10 HarmonicaOur price: £8.99View10-hole, 20-note diatonic harmonica with dual reed plates and pressed steel cover plates. Precision phosphor bronze reeds offer high accuracy and durability. Suitable for blues playing when key is selected a perfect fourth above the accompanying instruments.Chord Harmonica HolderChord Harmonica HolderOur price: £6.99ViewSpring bar clamp with adjustable neck hoop for holding a harmonica in position for hands-free playingHohner 64 Chromonica in CHohner 64 Chromonica in COur price: £159.00View Hohner Big River HarmonicaHohner Big River HarmonicaOur price: £27.99View 10 holes Plastic Comb 20 reeds Brass reed plate 10cm approx Available in different Keys
Hohner Blues Harp HarmonicaHohner Blues Harp HarmonicaOur price: £36.99ViewThe One and Only Blues Harp The name evokes the typical blues sound. It is a metaphor for whiskey bars, juke joints, and good times; synonymous with wide plains, open fields, and pilgrimage: The Blues Harp®. For over 50 years, the harmonica has shaped the sound of blues, rock, and sometimes even folk. The Blues Harp® is designed for this specific blues sound, but thanks to the modular system it can easily be adjusted and changed to anything you want it to be – easy, quickly, at any time. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the Blues Harp® is the harp for you.Hohner Chrometta 12 in CHohner Chrometta 12 in COur price: £89.00ViewExplore the exciting world of chromatic harmonica with the Chrometta 12, the first in this series to offer the full three octave range of our more expensive models. It’s the perfect entry level instrument for the advanced student who really wants to get to grips with the chromatic harmonicaHohner Echo 32 in C No 2309Hohner Echo 32 in C No 2309Our price: £68.99ViewThe name conjures up the sound reverberating back from distant mountain walls, of green pastures, snow capped peaks and sunny skies. The Echo 32 is the classic single-sided HOHNER tremolo harmonica. Its sweet, gently pulsating sound is perfect for all styles of traditional folk music, pop and country. Enjoy a piece of musical history with this classic harmonica and its uniquely uplifting sound.Hohner Echo 48 in CHohner Echo 48 in COur price: £79.99View 
HOHNER ECHO 96 DOUBLE SIDED TREMOLO C/GHOHNER ECHO 96 DOUBLE SIDED TREMOLO C/GOur price: £109.99View Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica older modelHohner Golden Melody Harmonica older modelOur price: From £34.99ViewAttractive 1950s look, with full length covers, closed at the sides. The Golden Melody is the only Hohner diatonic harp featuring equal tempered tuning which makes it especially suitable for melody playing.Hohner Marine Band HarmonicaHohner Marine Band HarmonicaOur price: £36.99ViewThe Marine Band has been the cornerstone of the harmonica industry for over 100 years. It was the chosen one for both Big Walter and Little Walter when harmonica blues was born. It was a cherished vehicle of expression for iconic troubadours Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Just as past artists influence new, the Marine Band is always evolving, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The new comb styles and sleek, powerful designs of the Special 20, Marine Band Deluxe and Marine Band Crossover stand on the cutting edge of harmonica innovation, the only choice for virtuosos like John Popper.Hohner Special 20 HarmonicaHohner Special 20 HarmonicaOur price: £35.99ViewAwesome response, superior bendability and the sweetest tone ever. This harp is the first choice for those learning to play. Its special airtight design makes it the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of any style, including blues, country, folk or rock. The plastic comb doesn’t absorb moisture making it longer lasting. Harp of choice of harmonica virtuoso John Popper (of Blues Traveler) and played by Bob Dylan on his 2007/08 tour. Chances are your favorite player has several of these harps in his case.
K&K Hot Harmonica Pick upK&K Hot Harmonica Pick upOur price: £35.00View The Hot Harmonica is a single-head piezo transducer, especially designed to amplify the harmonica.K&M Harmonica Holder 164/1K&M Harmonica Holder 164/1Our price: £14.99ViewFor various harmonica models. Covered neck frame. Adjustable spring-tension instrument holder.
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