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Boss CE5 Chorus pedal (Used)Boss CE5 Chorus pedal (Used)Our price: £49.00View Digitech Whammy 5 UsedDigitech Whammy 5 UsedOur price: £89.00View Electro Harmonix  Superego pedal (Used)Electro Harmonix Superego pedal (Used)Our price: £109.00View The polyphonic Superego synth engine reinvents sample and hold, performs fluid glissandos and creates oscillator like, synthesizer effects. It can stack sounds or create infinite sustain, it even lets you tweek attack and decay, or use its effects loop to reinvent novel synth patches. Indulge your guilty pleasures!
Electro Harmonix Talking Pedal (Used)Electro Harmonix Talking Pedal (Used)Our price: £40.00View The Talking Pedal brings vocal expression to the guitar player and uses the proprietary design shared by all of EHX’s Next Step Effects. It features the same smooth rocking chassis that’s super rugged and delivers lightning fast control. Bypass switching is completely silent. The Talking Pedal is also free of the moving parts that plague other pedals, parts that wear out and require replacement. Like a wah wah, the Talking Pedal is a rocking filter-type pedal, but the similarities end there. The tone of the pedal is unlike a traditional wah’s because it passes the guitar signal through two bandpass filters that give the tone a male vocal quality and create a selection of vowel-like sounds. A specially designed, fixed, fuzz circuit can be blended in with a scroll wheel located on the side of the pedal. This enhances the definition of the effect and adds growl and grind to the pedal. With its state-of-the-art design and unique sound, the Talking Pedal will inspire musicians with tones worth talking about. EWS Arion SCH-Z mod Chorus/Vibe Pedal (Used)EWS Arion SCH-Z mod Chorus/Vibe Pedal (Used)Our price: £125.00View Freshman Apollo 3OC UsedFreshman Apollo 3OC UsedOur price: £329.00View Solid sitka spruce top Mahogany back and sides Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard Maple binding Fishman Presys Blend system Includes TGI hard case
J Rockett Animal Overdrive Pedal (Used)J Rockett Animal Overdrive Pedal (Used)Our price: £115.00View The Animal is their way of creating a 1968 “Plexi” Sound. The Animal is an extremely open and amp-like sound that can get you from a stock “Plexi” to a modified “Plexi” with the flick of the snarl switch. The Animal can get very aggressive but it is by no means a distortion pedal. Just think of a cranked “Plexi” and how open and natural it sounds. Keeley 1962 Overdrive pedal (Used)Keeley 1962 Overdrive pedal (Used)Our price: £119.00View Keeley 1962 British Overdrive The Keeley 1962 has layering gain sounds which is one of the most tried and true ways of getting a deep rich tone. A tone that has a smoothness to it, has sustain to it. It let’s you sing! That’s exactly what we’ve done here in this hybrid of circuits. We’ve taken one of the most popular boosters out there, the Katana, and split it in half. Using both JFETs like valves in a British amp, we create pre-amp and output tube distortions characteristics. Keeley Red Dirt Pedal (Used)Keeley Red Dirt Pedal (Used)Our price: £65.00ViewIn a time long ago, 2001 to be exact, Keeley’s mods for the TS9 Tube Screamer became pretty legendary. They set the standard for a complete set of changes, a dozen in fact, that took any screamer to the next level. Those mods included an increased bass response, a fine-tuned tone control, greater cleans when turned down, and much higher gain when needed. The Keeley Mod Plus was born.
Lanikai 06e Tenor 6 string ukulele (Used)Lanikai 06e Tenor 6 string ukulele (Used)Our price: £199.00View Used Instrument in very good condition Tenor size Solid Spruce top Ovankol back and sides Gold tuners with white pearloid buttons electrics fitted Includes TGI ABS hard case Lovepedal Echo baby 2017 (Used)Lovepedal Echo baby 2017 (Used)Our price: £80.00View Lovepedal Echo Baby 2017, delay effect pedal, up to 760 ms delay time, internal switches for feedback and blend, by holding the footswitch down,you can activate the Echo Baby's funky modulation feature. Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue (Used)Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue (Used)Our price: £779.00View1987 was a year of celebration. Marshall was 25 years old and Jim Marshall had spent 50 years in the music industry. To celebrate Marshall released the Silver Jubilee available for that year only. In 2015 they brought back a reissue by popular demand with all the features and styling of the original. Built to bring the guitarist to the front of the stage, this amp will make sure you’re heard. Used item but first class condition 100w with option of reducing to 50w 3 x ECC83 and 4 x EL34 Valves 2 channels (Split) effects loop Footswitch included  
One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive (Used)One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive (Used)Our price: £49.00View The Strawberry Red overdrive is a versatile overdrive pedal that pairs with any amp and creates ‘the’ sought-after overdrive sound guitarists are looking for. Whether you are looking for a clean, high-end guitar amp-like sound or an edgy, highly distorted sound, this classic BJF overdrive pedal does it all. SpecificationsOzark Bouzouki (Used)Ozark Bouzouki (Used)Our price: £65.00View Spruce top Stained maple back and sides Made in Romania been well used Peerless Manhattan (Used)Peerless Manhattan (Used)Our price: £649.00View Spruce top Flamed maple back and sides Maple neck Ebony fingerboard Bone nut Floating mini humbucker Gold hardware Includes Peerless hard case
Traben Array Attack 5 bass (Used)Traben Array Attack 5 bass (Used)Our price: £279.00View Royal Paulonia body Burled maple top Bolt on neck Rosewood fingerboard Rockfield humbucker pick up Rockfield J style pickup Used Vintage VSA535 electric guitarUsed Vintage VSA535 electric guitarOur price: £209.00View Maple top Maple body Mahogany set neck Rosewood fingerboard Tune-o-matic bridge Stop bar tailpiece Alnico humbucker pick ups Chrome hardware Volume and tone controls for each pick up average/good condition Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Pedal (Used)Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Pedal (Used)Our price: £75.00View 
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