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Boss TU-03 Clip on Tuner & MetronomeBoss TU-03 Clip on Tuner & MetronomeOur price: £18.99View Daddario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner PW-CT-15Daddario NS Micro Soundhole Tuner PW-CT-15Our price: £17.99View Designed specifically for acoustic guitar, ukulele, and other acoustic instruments, the D'Addario chromatic Micro Soundhole Tuner remains perfectly concealed within the instrument’s soundhole for discreet tuning. The non-marring universal mounting clip allows stress-free installation, while the highly sensitive piezo transducer senses vibrations directly from the soundboard for fast and accurate tuning response. The bright, multi-color display allows easy viewing in any environment. It’s so small, convenient, and accurate, you’ll want one for every acoustic instrument you own!Joyo JMT-03 Tuner / MetronomeJoyo JMT-03 Tuner / MetronomeOur price: £14.99View Chromatic, guitar or bass settings Mic or clip tuning modes Metronome range 30 - 250 BPM
Kinsman KAC201 Chromatic TunerKinsman KAC201 Chromatic TunerOur price: £14.99View Switchable for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Ukulele Modes Integrated rechargable battery with USB Cable included Korg Pitchblack Advance Pedal Tuner PB-ADKorg Pitchblack Advance Pedal Tuner PB-ADOur price: £65.00View Korg Pitchclip  Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in YellowKorg Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in YellowOur price: £9.99View 
Korg Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in BlueKorg Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in BlueOur price: £9.99View Korg Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in RedKorg Pitchclip Guitar and Bass Tuner PC-1 in RedOur price: £9.99View Korg PitchCrow-G Clip on TunerKorg PitchCrow-G Clip on TunerOur price: £13.99View More features, smaller sizeClip-on tuner for guitar or bassKORG’s clip-on tuners can be easily attached to the headstock of your instrument for convenient and accurate tuning. The new PitchCrow-G is the latest addition to KORG’s lineup of clip-on tuners for guitar and bass.
Korg Rimpitch C2 acoustic guitar tunerKorg Rimpitch C2 acoustic guitar tunerOur price: £21.99View The Rimpitch-C2 is a tuner that you attach to the inside of the guitar's sound hole. The tuner’s extremely slim and compact design allows it to be installed unobtrusively, and since the tuning meter is within your natural field of vision, you can glance casually at the tuning meter while you perform. It's an ideal choice for any acoustic guitarist who does not want to distract from their performance with a clip-on tuner.Octopus Clip on Chromatic TunerOctopus Clip on Chromatic TunerOur price: £6.99View A lightweight tuner is a must have for any instrumentalist.Rotosound HT-200 Clip on tunerRotosound HT-200 Clip on tunerOur price: £7.99View Chromatic tuner for Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukulele
Snark SN5X Clip on TunerSnark SN5X Clip on TunerOur price: £11.99View Upgraded faster chip for even higher accuracy High resolution display Fully chromatic tuner Display rotates 360 degrees Stay-put grippy clip with no dead spots Battery included Snark ST-2 TunerSnark ST-2 TunerOur price: £16.99View Tunes all instruments including all guitars and all ochestra instruments.Snark ST-8 Clip on TunerSnark ST-8 Clip on TunerOur price: £14.99View Super Tight® All Instrument Tuner
TGI 101 Chromatic Clip on TunerTGI 101 Chromatic Clip on TunerOur price: £7.99View An unobtrusive tuner with integral clip. The clip is designed to be attached to the instrument (guitar headstock for example). The clip then picks up the vibration, and tuning can begin. The angle of the tuner can be adjusted for comfort and ease of viewing.
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