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ACUS one 5 Acoustic amplifierACUS one 5 Acoustic amplifierOur price: £469.00ViewUltra-compact and very versatile, for simultaneous guitar and microphone input.Sensivity switch, volume, high, middle, low and reverb:The dedicated AUX input (with his own volume control) can be use for an mp3 player or Ipod. The system also features balanced 1/4 jack direct output. ACUS one for strings 6ACUS one for strings 6Our price: £599.00View 2 individual inputs each channel has Gain, 3 band EQ, Effect volume and channel volume 90W + 40W bi-amped output Direct Out Stereo in and out master volume control 10.5 kg Boss Acoustic Singer LiveBoss Acoustic Singer LiveOur price: £459.00View 
Carlsbro Sherwood 20R Acoustic amplifierCarlsbro Sherwood 20R Acoustic amplifierOur price: £89.00View Following on the success of the larger Sherwood 30&60 models, the Sherwood 20R was designed with a range of different small-space uses in mind - and in response to a lot of good input from our customers. At 20 Watts, this model is a perfect tool for the solo artist playing acoustic sets/singing in small venues, bedroom practise and actually seems like a great little amp for those amazing buskers all around the world. With a great price-point, that same warm Sherwood sound and packed with enough features...this new addition to the Carlsbro range should prove to be on a large number of wanted lists. Carlsbro Sherwood 30RCarlsbro Sherwood 30ROur price: £149.00View The original Sherwood Acoustic Guitar Combo was launched and one of the very first guitar amplifiers to enter the market and for over 30 years used throughout the world by the most highly respected acoustic guitar players. Today the ‘Sherwood’ once again leads the way with their warmth and clarity. When reinventing the Sherwood acoustic combo the Carlsbro R&D team, based in England listened to fans of the Sherwood from around the world and have now incorporated a tiltback cabinet design and using new technology have developed two new models in both mono and stereo for today’s acoustic guitar player. Carlsbro Sherwood 60RCarlsbro Sherwood 60ROur price: £209.00View 
Fender Acoustisonic 15 acoustic guitar amplifierFender Acoustisonic 15 acoustic guitar amplifierOur price: £85.00ViewThe Acoustasonic™ 15 amplifier offers portable amplification for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. It’s simple and flexible enough for a variety of musical performance or basic public address. Fishman Loudbox artistFishman Loudbox artistOur price: £449.00View The Loudbox Artist packs 120 watts of ultra-clean, bi-amplified acoustic power, and enhanced features into an incredibly lightweight and portable package. Fishman Loudbox MiniFishman Loudbox MiniOur price: £329.00View Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp yet, the Loudbox Mini delivers the tonal quality that has made the Fishman name the standard for great acoustic sound.
Kinsman Justpro KAA70 Acoustic amplifierKinsman Justpro KAA70 Acoustic amplifierOur price: £349.00View The Kinsman KAA70 is truly the solo performer's amp for all occasions; it has the sound quality, transportability and connectivity to impress in every type of live performance scenario, catering equally well to the requirements of street singers and stage performers. Outfitted with a pair of 5” speakers, the KAA70's 70 watt power rating provides enough volume to project your performance to the back wall and beyond. A Microphone Channel and an Instrument Channel, each with their own separate reverb effects, let you position your voice and instrument perfectly together in the mix, whilst a triple-band EQ provides definitive control over the entire frequency spectrum. The Instrument channel includes further options for sound shaping with the inclusion of a two position EQ switch, selecting between flat frequency response and scooped mids, while the Phase function protects against loss of bass response and unwanted feedback. A built-in chorus effect imbues your sound with further expression, adding width and dimension to your signal, with adjustable rate of modulation. A combined AUX in/i-Link port enhances your performance options significantly, allowing you to play along with your favourite songs and backing tracks, or import audio from iOS devices. Unbalanced and Balanced outputs provide a choice of routing options, enabling your signal to be sent to a mixing console, DAW or separate amplifier, making the KAA70 at home on the stage or in the studio. Furthering its credentials as an amp for all occasions, the KAA70 can be positioned three ways; lay it horizontally, stand it vertically or seat it on top of a speaker stand: no matter how small your performance area may be, you can be sure that the KAA70 will never cramp your style. Gigging on the go is hassle-free thanks to the embedded lithium battery, facilitating up to 4 hours' playing time, whilst the included 24V AC adaptor provides a source of constant power, as well as quick and simple battery charging. Not only is the KAA70 exceptionally lightweight and easy to transport, it's sold with a protective carry bag, with padded shoulder straps and useful zipper compartments. The KAA70's contemporary feature set is complemented by its futuristic appearance, exhibiting a clean-cut white finish with metallic appointments and digital visual displays. Whether you're braving the elements to busk a living outside, gracing the stage on the touring circuit, or holed up in the studio recording your next project, the KAA70 has everything you require to deliver a command performance. • BATTERY STATUS – Displays current battery charge • BLUETOOTH – Enables Bluetooth for wireless connectivity • MASTER – Controls the overall output volumes • HEADPHONES – Routes all audio to headphone jack for quiet practice • AUX IN/i-LINK - Connect digital device such as MP3 player/phone/tablet/iSO equipment • BALANCED – Audio signal is sent to output directly • UNBALANCED – Output audio will be adjusted by the balance tuner CH1 Microphone channel • MIC – Combined XLR and 1/4” instrument jack • VOLUME – Controls the volume of Channel 1 • BASS – Controls the Low equalisation of Channel 1 • TREBLE – Controls the High equalisation of Channel 1 • REVERB – Controls the Reverb Depth of Channel 1 • AUX VOL – Controls the Volume of AUX In CH2 Instruments channel • INPUT – 1/4” inch instrument jack • NORMAL/V-SHAPE – Chooses between flat EQ response or scooped mids • GAIN – Controls the pre-amp gain of Channel 2 • PHASE – Selectable phase switch for eliminating feedback and improved bass response • BASS – Controls the low frequencies of Channel 2 • MIDDLE – Controls the middle frequencies of Channel 2 • TREBLE – Controls the high frequencies of Channel 2 • CHORUS – Controls the speed of the in-built chorus effect • LONG/MEDIUM/SHORT – Selects length of reverb effect • REVERB – Controls the amount of reverb effect on channel 2 • Weight: 7.16kg (including bag), 5.58kg (without bag) • Dimensions: W43cm, H19.5cm, D23cmKinsman KAA25 Acoustic amplifierKinsman KAA25 Acoustic amplifierOur price: £119.00View The Kinsman KAA25 is your faithful busking buddy, packing 25 watts of performance power, versatile EQ control and on-board vocal and guitar effects into a small and easily-transportable package. Perfect for the performing musician on the move, the KAA25's flexibility, connectivity and compact size makes it the ultimate grab 'n' go acoustic amp. Equipped with separate Microphone and Instrument jacks, each with their own independent volume controls, the KAA25 features a three band equaliser section, providing extensive scope for sound shaping. A selectable chorus effect offers a choice of two on-board chorus tones, adding width to your signal with varying degrees of modulation speed, whilst the built-in Room and Hall reverbs embellish your sound with added depth and dimension. Flying solo can be tough, so the KAA25 sports an AUX MP3 input, allowing you to play along with your favourite songs and backing tracks through the 6” speaker, turning your unaccompanied playing into a full band performance. The KAA25 is fitted with a comfortable carry handle, while wooden side panels, chickenhead control knobs and brown grill cloth featuring the distinctive Kinsman logo round out the amp's classy appearance. Power is supplied by the included 12v adaptor, with outdoor performance facilitated by the use of 8 'AA' batteries, so no matter what the gig, you know the KAA25 is ready to rock whenever you are. • MIC/VOL – Control the microphone volume individually • INPUT – 1/4” jack for instrument input • MIC INPUT – XLR connection for microphones • AUX MP3 – Connect digital device such as MP3 player/phone/tablet • VOL – Control the guitar volume individually • LOW – Bass frequency level control • MID – Middle frequency level control • HIGH – Treble frequency level control • CHORUS – Chorus control with two speed settings • REVERB – Reverb control with two size settings (Room and Hall) • Weight: 4.08kg • Dimensions: W29cm, H27, D13.5cmLaney A1+ Acoustic amplifierLaney A1+ Acoustic amplifierOur price: £329.00View 80 Watts Compact kick back cabinet size with pole stand adaptor Two identical channels for Instuments XLR balanced or Mono jack unbalanced+Microphones. 1 x 8” Bass Driver + 1” Dome tweeter Internal 16x digital FX module selectable to either or both channels via pan control Full EQ on each channel Bass, Swept Mid and Treble External FX loop on rear panel to either or both channels via fascia Includes carry bag
Roland AC-33 Acoustic ampRoland AC-33 Acoustic ampOur price: £369.00View Roland Cube StreetRoland Cube StreetOur price: £259.00View 
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