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Blackstar amPlug2 Fly GuitarBlackstar amPlug2 Fly GuitarOur price: £39.99View amPlug2 FLY for Guitar and BassamPlug2 FLY headphone amps for guitar and bass are the perfect solution for practice when noise is a restraint, or for when inspiration strikes ON THE FLY…Blackstar Fly 3Blackstar Fly 3Our price: £59.00ViewThe FLY 3 is an innovative, cutting edge 3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay and the Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) to create the perfect compact and portable guitar amplifier. It's advantageously small and packs a punch with big TONE, even at the lowest volumes.Blackstar FLY 3 BluetoothBlackstar FLY 3 BluetoothOur price: £95.00View The FLY 3 Bluetooth mini amp retains all the great tone, flexibility of control and features of the original, but the addition of Bluetooth makes it the perfect take anywhere practice amp and MP3 speaker dock.
Blackstar Fly 3 stereo PackBlackstar Fly 3 stereo PackOur price: £99.00View The FLY Stereo Pack includes the FLY 3 mini amp, a FLY 103 extension cabinet and a power supply. Combined together, the FLY 3 and FLY 103 make a 6 Watt stereo amp for guitar or music playback - perfect as a set of portable speakers or for using at home as pc speakers.Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 AmplifierBlackstar ID Core 10 V2 AmplifierOur price: £115.00ViewThe ID:Core Stereo 10 V2 is a 2x5W ultimate entry level guitar amplifier. Incredible tone and flexibility is accessed by a simple and intuitive control set and delivered in SUPER WIDE STEREO to give an immersive playing experience that will have you hooked on playing guitar.Blackstar ID Core 20 V2Blackstar ID Core 20 V2Our price: £129.00ViewThe ID:Core Stereo 20 V2 is a 2x10W ultimate entry level guitar amplifier. Incredible tone and flexibility is accessed by a simple and intuitive control set and delivered in SUPER WIDE STEREO to give an immersive playing experience that will have you hooked on playing guitar.
Blackstar ID Core 40 V2Blackstar ID Core 40 V2Our price: £169.00View The ID:Core Stereo 40 V2 is a 2x20W ultimate entry level guitar amplifier. Incredible tone and flexibility is accessed by a simple and intuitive control set and delivered in SUPER WIDE STEREO to give an immersive playing experience that will have you hooked on playing guitar.Blackstar ID Core BeamBlackstar ID Core BeamOur price: £229.00ViewBlackstar are proud to introduce the new ID:Core BEAM. Based on the control set of the critically acclaimed and best-selling ID:Core series of guitar amps, the ID:Core BEAM takes incredible guitar tone into the home and becomes the central hub for instruments and stunning music playback.Blackstar ID:100TVP ex DisplayBlackstar ID:100TVP ex DisplayOur price: £459.00Sale price: £349.00View 
Blackstar ID:260TVPBlackstar ID:260TVPOur price: £549.00Sale price: £419.00View Blackstar ID:60TVP ex demoBlackstar ID:60TVP ex demoOur price: £459.00Sale price: £389.00View Blackstar LT Echo 10Blackstar LT Echo 10Our price: £69.00View Great sounding practice amps with patented ISF and a built-in ‘tape’ delay effect, perfect for beginners.
Blackstar Silverline SpecialBlackstar Silverline SpecialRRP: £429.00Our price: £399.00You save: £30.00 (7%)View Blackstar Silverline StandardBlackstar Silverline StandardOur price: £369.00View Blackstar Super FlyBlackstar Super FlyOur price: £199.00Sale price: £99.99View 
Blackstar Super Fly PackBlackstar Super Fly PackOur price: £329.00View Boss Katana 50W Guitar AmplifierBoss Katana 50W Guitar AmplifierOur price: £199.00View Crafted Tones, Forged for Rock Katana—the traditional sword carried by the historic samurai of Japan—is a symbol of honor, precision, and artistry in Japanese culture. Adopting the majestic sword’s name with pride, the Katana series presents guitar amplifiers with smooth, cutting tones honed by generations of dedication and expertise. Born of the development process behind the acclaimed Waza amplifier, these innovative amps embody BOSS’s determined pursuit of the ultimate rock sound. Featuring proprietary circuit designs and meticulous tuning, the Katana series combines traditional craftsmanship and breakthrough functions to produce true next-generation rock amplifiers.Boss Katana MiniBoss Katana MiniOur price: £89.00View 
Fender Frontman 10GFender Frontman 10GOur price: £55.00View Fender GT40Fender GT40Our price: £199.00View Nobody does authentic, touch-sensitive Fender amp tone better than the people who originally created it. Ranging from our classic electric amps to in-demand, high-gain contemporary sounds, these new models let your playing voice come through. We brought new effects with us, too. Ranging from a mythical transparent overdrive to classic compression and delay flavors, they add even more sonic possibilities to these formidable amps. Fender MGT-4 FootswitchFender MGT-4 FootswitchOur price: £49.00View The MGT-4 Footswitch (included with Mustang GT200) is a great optional accessory item for Mustang GT100 and GT40. It's a four-button, pedalboard-friendly unit that lets users select various presets and effects from the floor. It also enables hands-free access to the chromatic tuner, with colored LEDs for visual feedback. Perhaps most importantly, the MGT-4 footswitch unlocks Mustang GT's 60-second looper functionality, with buttons to activate "Record," "Play," "Overdub" and "Stop" functions. Removable 12' cable with 1/4" plugs included.
Fender Mustang GTX100Fender Mustang GTX100Our price: £429.00View Mustang GTX is a better, bolder guitar amp with an unprecedented feature set and unbeatable performance. A wide selection of accurate and versatile amp models, dozens of effects and 200 onboard presets give you the guitar tones you need for almost any type of music. Modular signal path flexibility lets you move effects anywhere in the chain, while the crisp full-color display lets you know what’s going on under the hood. Connect with Bluetooth to experience the all-new Fender TONE 3.0 (for iOS and Android), a free app that offers realistic look and feel while you spin the knobs of the most famous amps and effects of all time. You can do deep editing, preset browsing from the Fender Tone community, preset back-up and restore, and more. Bluetooth audio streaming is also included for playing along with your favourite tracks. The amp’s WiFi capabilities (a Fender exclusive) let you connect for product updates, so your amp keeps getting better.Fender Mustang I V2 Guitar amplifierFender Mustang I V2 Guitar amplifierRRP: £135.00Our price: £99.00You save: £36.00 (27%)ViewThe world's best-selling amplifier series is back with new features, a new look and all the flexibility you've come to expect from a Fender® Mustang. The new Fender® Mustang V.2 amplifier series raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle, including five new amp models, five new effects and intelligent pitch shifting. The new Mustang Series features USB connectivity and Fender® FUSE™ software, letting your musical creativity and imagination run wild.Fender Mustang LT25Fender Mustang LT25Our price: £135.00View 
Fender Mustang LT50Fender Mustang LT50Our price: £199.00View Mustang LT50 incorporates what we’ve learned over decades of producing the world’s best-sounding guitar amps. It’s ideal for practice or performance, with 50 watts of power, a high quality 12-inch speaker, a super-simple user interface, full-colour display, and a collection of presets covering a wide range of music—a “greatest hits” of electric guitar tones. The versatile signal chain with high-quality onboard amp and effects models produces amazing tones, making it the most inspiring 50-watt amp in its class. And with a free Fender TONE 3.0 download, use your desktop Mac or PC to edit, store and manage your presets with ease. You’ll also have access to a wealth of exciting presets from the Fender TONE community. Mustang LT50 is a fun, flexible and easy-to-use modelling amp for any guitarist. It's the only 50-watt amp in its class with such a rich feature set.Laney Mini LionheartLaney Mini LionheartOur price: £39.00View Laney Mini STLaney Mini STOur price: £59.00View 
Line 6 Amplifi 30 amplifierLine 6 Amplifi 30 amplifierOur price: £225.00View The AMPLIFi® family combines amazing sound with a groundbreaking mobile app to make practicing, playing and recording guitar easier and more fun. Play along with your favorite songs like you’re on stage with the band. Instantly get award-winning guitar tones matched to any song in your music library, and use AMPLIFi as a USB recording interface to lay down tracks on your computer. Just pick up your guitar, immerse yourself in the music, and unleash your inner rock star. Line 6 Spider IV 150Line 6 Spider IV 150Our price: £399.00Sale price: £299.00View 150 W Guitar Combo Two 12" Custom Celestion Speakers 16 Amp Models 20 Smart FX 300+ Artist Created Presets CD/MP3 Input Front Panel Chromatic Tuner 14 Second Looper Free access to Spider Online with 500+ guitar lessons, tones, jam tracks & more Roland Cube Street Battery Guitar amplifierRoland Cube Street Battery Guitar amplifierOur price: £249.00ViewIf you’re a musician who’s on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you’re running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or any situation that requires portability and versatility, the CUBE Street is a battery-powered marvel that’s ready to travel fast. The CUBE Street sounds amazing and is capable of high-volume output thanks to dual (or two) digital power amps and a pair of high-performance neodymium speakers. And just wait until you hear the built-in Boss effects and amp models!
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