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Paiste 2002 china cymbalPaiste 2002 china cymbalOur price: £169.00ViewMedium bright, full, exotic, fairly trashy. Wide range, complex mix. Responsive, full sounding crash, complex, trashy ride. The definitive classic rock china sound.Paiste 2002 crash cymbalPaiste 2002 crash cymbalOur price: From £169.00ViewBright, warm, full, shimmering. Wide range, clean mix. Even, very responsive feel. Very versatile all-purpose crash. The definitive classic rock crash sound.Paiste 2002 hi-hats (sound edge)Paiste 2002 hi-hats (sound edge)Our price: £279.00ViewMedium bright, full, warm, brilliant. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Fast, responsive feel. Full, bright, energetic open sound. Sharp, full chick sound. The original, patented, wavy bottom hi-hat.
Paiste 2002 ride cymbalPaiste 2002 ride cymbalOur price: £239.00ViewWarm, full, lively, brilliant. Wide range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Clear defined ping over full, clear wash. Versatile general purpose ride. Extremely classic rock ride sound.Paiste Alpha China CymbalPaiste Alpha China CymbalOur price: £85.00ViewBright, cutting, full, with a warm undertone. Medium range, complex mix. Explosive, shattering attack with a hissing decay. A strong china cymbal useful in many musical applications.Paiste Alpha Medium Crash CymbalPaiste Alpha Medium Crash CymbalOur price: £109.00ViewBright, full, shimmering. Medium range, fairy clean mix with a balanced, responsive feel. Strong, full and sturdy crash for universal use in many musical styles in the pop or rock field.
Paiste PST3 china cymbalPaiste PST3 china cymbalOur price: £59.00ViewExotic, direct, full. Fairly clean mix. Medium range. Fairly dark and trashy with a slightly raw edge for short accents in many musical settings.Paiste PST3 crash/ride cymbalPaiste PST3 crash/ride cymbalOur price: £56.00ViewEnergetic, full and focused. Somewhat narrow range, fairly clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Multi-purpose cymbal with fast, powerful crash and soft, mellow ride qualities.Paiste PST3 ride cymbalPaiste PST3 ride cymbalOur price: £69.00ViewWarm, full, clear. Medium range, somewhat clean mix. Soft, balanced feel. Sizzling ping over a full wash. Controllable ride for multi-purpose application.
Paiste PST3 splash cymbalPaiste PST3 splash cymbalOur price: From £20.00ViewMedium bright, clean, fast. Medium range, fairly complex mix. Even, balanced feel. Explosive, fast fading splash with a somewhat trashy character. Well suited for fast accents.Paiste PST5 China CymbalPaiste PST5 China CymbalOur price: From £70.00ViewThe fusion of Swiss cymbal sound know-how with German hi-tech expertise. PST cymbals represent a breakthrough combination of quality and value, and convince with superior sound and appearance.Paiste PST5 Medium Crash CymbalPaiste PST5 Medium Crash CymbalOur price: £73.50ViewFull, energetic and powerful. Fairly clean mix, medium wide range. Even, responsive feel. Very versatile and musical crash for multi-purpose playing.
Paiste PST5 Medium RidePaiste PST5 Medium RideOur price: £105.00ViewBright, full, warm. Medium range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Clear ping over controlled, clean wash. Versatile ride for a wide range of musical application.Paiste PST5 Rock hi hat cymbalsPaiste PST5 Rock hi hat cymbalsOur price: £89.00ViewVery energetic, cutting and defined with good overall responsive feel. Fairly wide range, clean mix with a nice layer of warmth. Paiste PST5 SplashPaiste PST5 SplashOur price: £32.00View Full, warm. Medium range and a fairly clean mix. Even, balanced and responsive feel. Cutting, versatile splash with a nice voice for all-around playing.
Sabian AAX Stage Hi hat CymbalsSabian AAX Stage Hi hat CymbalsOur price: £249.00ViewHighly responsive, with bright, clean sounds that cut clearly at any volume.Sabian AAX Stage Ride CymbalSabian AAX Stage Ride CymbalOur price: £225.00ViewThe ultimate balance of bright stick definition, pure tone, and a controllable amount of wash make this a highly effective and versatile model. Sabian B8 Chinese CymbalSabian B8 Chinese CymbalOur price: £79.00ViewBright bite is aggressive and edgy, with a cool, cutting rawness that is immediate and trashy.
Sabian B8 Hi Hat cymbalsSabian B8 Hi Hat cymbalsOur price: £99.00ViewCrisp and lively stick and pedal responses are very bright and definite, clean and penetrating. Sabian B8 Medium CrashSabian B8 Medium CrashOur price: From £69.00ViewFast, solid response for an explosion of bright tone for bigger, fuller accents. Sabian B8 Ride CymbalSabian B8 Ride CymbalOur price: £89.00ViewCrisp stick definition, cutting bell, and bright tonal response create a versatile ride.
Sabian B8 Splash CymbalSabian B8 Splash CymbalOur price: £44.99ViewAccents with extremely fast, bright, and punchy high-end cut. Sabian XS20 Medium Ride CymbalSabian XS20 Medium Ride CymbalOur price: £141.00ViewA tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash ensures a clean, musical sound at all volumes, with a mid-sized bell for playing solid grooves. Sabian XS20 Medium Thin CrashSabian XS20 Medium Thin CrashOur price: From £86.00ViewCombining the response of a thin model with the increased power of a medium-weight, this is a highly versatile and effective crash for any drummer.
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