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Bowed instruments and accessories

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Aubert Adjustable Violin Bridge 4/4Aubert Adjustable Violin Bridge 4/4Our price: £16.99View Good quality french violin bridge with swivel feet to allow for good connection with the violin top. Has already been shaped and notches made for the strings.Cello MuteCello MuteOur price: £6.25View Cello mute in ebonyHidersine Tourte Cello MuteHidersine Tourte Cello MuteOur price: £4.99View Rubber mute to reduce the volume of a violin for practise.
Hidersine Tourte Violin MuteHidersine Tourte Violin MuteOur price: £1.75View Rubber mute to reduce the volume of a violin for practicePrimavera 200 Violin outfitPrimavera 200 Violin outfitOur price: From £149.00ViewThe ebony outfit in a satin varnish. Particularly popular for education hire with durability built in by design: Composite bow, rugged case design & quality ebony fittings for a long service life.Primavera 90 Violin OutfitPrimavera 90 Violin OutfitOur price: From £85.00ViewA budget instrument for the value market. The Primavera 90 is the only instrument in its class with rosewood fittings. Pegs: Durable, easier to tune & keep their shape longer. Matching rosewood chinrest
Primivera 100 violin outfitPrimivera 100 violin outfitOur price: £105.00View Hand carved maple & spruce with inlaid purfling Ebonised fingerboard with ebony top-nut Metal alloy tailpiece Fitted quality maple bridge stamped “Prima” Primavera hardwood bow with half-mounted ebony frog Fitted with factory standard strings Styrofoam shaped caseStentor ebony violin pegsStentor ebony violin pegsOur price: £2.79View Violin pegs in ebony with a swiss styleStentor Student 1 violin outfitStentor Student 1 violin outfitOur price: From £119.00Viewthe ideal entry level instruments suitable for intermediate Grades. All are hand carved from solid tonewoods with good quality rosewood pegs and fingerboard and alloy tailpiece with four integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable student wood bow and well designed lightweight case with accessory pockets and carrying straps.
Stentor Student II Violin outfitStentor Student II Violin outfitOur price: £159.00ViewMost education advisors and music services recommend the Stentor Student II as the optimum teaching instrument. Hand carved from selected tonewoods and with the advantage of ebony pegs and fingerboard, good student wood bow with ebony frog, rope core strings. The outfit comes complete with a lightweight case with accessory pockets and carrying straps.Stentor Violin Peg 1011AStentor Violin Peg 1011AOur price: £2.29View Violin peg for full size violin in ebony.Stentor Violin Peg 1011CStentor Violin Peg 1011COur price: £2.29ViewStentor Violin Peg in ebony for 3/4 size violin
Stentor Violin Peg 1011EStentor Violin Peg 1011EOur price: £2.29View Violin peg for 1/2 size violin.Teller Violin Bridge 3/4Teller Violin Bridge 3/4Our price: £3.79View Violin bridge for a 3/4 size violin which has been shaped and notched.Teller Violin Bridge FittedTeller Violin Bridge FittedOur price: £5.29View Full size Violin bridge. This bridge is pre shaped and notched.
Teller violin bridge full sizeTeller violin bridge full sizeOur price: £3.79View Violin bridge for a full size violin which has been shaped and notched.Teller Violin fitted bridge 3/4Teller Violin fitted bridge 3/4Our price: £3.99View 3/4 size, Teller style violin bridge, fitted.Violin 3 Pronged Wooden MuteViolin 3 Pronged Wooden MuteOur price: £1.89View Wooden 3 pronged mute for violin or viola to allow for reduced volumes for practise.
Violin bow screw and eyeViolin bow screw and eyeOur price: £7.99View replacement screw and eye for full size violin bowViolin Bridge 1/2Violin Bridge 1/2Our price: £1.95View Violin bridge for a 1/2 size violin.Violin bridge fitted 1/4 sizeViolin bridge fitted 1/4 sizeOur price: £1.95View 1/4 size fitted violin bridge
Violin e string adjusterViolin e string adjusterOur price: £1.79View Violin string adjuster, made in GermanyViolin Fingerboard NutViolin Fingerboard NutOur price: £0.50View Violin fingerboard nut in ebonyViolin Stand VS60Violin Stand VS60Our price: £11.99View Moulded, shaped violin display stand. Holds violin securely at the ribs with fully padded contact points. Adjusts to fit different sizes.
Violin Tailpiece SaddleViolin Tailpiece SaddleOur price: £0.50View Violin Tailpiece saddle in ebonyWestbury Violin OutfitWestbury Violin OutfitOur price: £239.00ViewEastman Strings is the leading distributor of student violins in the USA and has a reputation for producing not only great sounding, but outstanding value for money instruments. Wittner E string adjuster for 1/2 size violinWittner E string adjuster for 1/2 size violinOur price: £2.29View 1/2 size e string adjuster in chrome, made in Germany by Wittner.
Wittner e string adjuster in black 1/2 sizeWittner e string adjuster in black 1/2 sizeOur price: £2.29View Black e string adjuster for half size violin, made in Germany by Wittner.Wittner Violin E string Adjuster in chromeWittner Violin E string Adjuster in chromeOur price: £2.29View Chrome e string adjuster for 4/4 or 3/4 violin, made in Germany by Wittner
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