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Fender ABY FootswitchFender ABY FootswitchOur price: £26.99View Fender Drive pedalFender Drive pedalOur price: £49.00ViewDrive your tone into satisfying and natural-sounding overdrive with the Fender Drive Pedal. Its harmonically rich distortion is ideal for a wide variety of traditional and contemporary gritty rock and blues guitar sounds, and it works great with both tube and solid-state amps. Input Impedance: 500 kOhm Output Load Impedance: 10 kOhm Equivalent Input Noise: -110dBm Power Consumption: 11mA Dimensions: 2-1/2"" W x 2-1/16"" H x 4-3/4"" L Weight: 1.2 lb. Powered by either a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter Fender Full Moon Distortion PedalFender Full Moon Distortion PedalOur price: £119.00View 
Fender Lost Highway Phaser pedalFender Lost Highway Phaser pedalOur price: £99.00View Fender Marine Layer ReverbFender Marine Layer ReverbOur price: £99.00ViewReverb is an essential element in nearly any rig. Whether you’re adding dimension to your sound or drenching your signal in sparkling reflections, the Fender Marine Layer Reverb can do it all. Multiple reverb types, including classics like Hall and Room along with modern marvels like Shimmer, make this an indispensable pedal in your signal chain. The reverb tails continue when the effect is muted, ensuring a smooth and natural decay.Fender Mirror Image Delay PedalFender Mirror Image Delay PedalOur price: £99.00View There’s no denying the power of a good delay; ranging from subtle to smashing, this ambient effect is one of the cornerstones of modern music. The Mirror Image Delay brings this atmospheric effect to your rig, giving you the ability to create depth with a simple slapback or develop an epic soundscape with modulated repeats.
Fender Pugilist Distortion PedalFender Pugilist Distortion PedalOur price: £79.00View 
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