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Mooer Ana Echo PedalMooer Ana Echo PedalOur price: £54.99View Full analog circuit, warm, clear, smooth analog delay sound Delay Time: 20ms-300ms Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Mooer E-Lady Flanger PedalMooer E-Lady Flanger PedalOur price: £54.99View Classic analog flanger sound with filter mode and oscillator effects 2 Working Modes: Normal/Filter Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Mooer Ensemble King Chorus PedalMooer Ensemble King Chorus PedalOur price: £54.99View Pure analog chorus sound Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Mooer GE100 Multi FXMooer GE100 Multi FXOur price: £95.00View GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a brand new release in Mooer’s Multi-Effects Processor product line. By using a completely new digital platform, the GE100 will provide you with the most authentic modern and rich tones. No matter if it is stompbox simulation, amp simulation, or other effects which carry Mooer’s legacy, this Guitar Multi-Effects Processor will present all. GE100 has its own unique and rich tones. With easy operation and versatile function, it can definitely help you to find your own unique sound!
Mooer GE150 Multi Effects PedalMooer GE150 Multi Effects PedalOur price: £169.00View The MOOER GE150 is the newest entry in the GE line of multi-effects pedals from MOOER. The GE150 comes packed with 55 High-quality amp models and 151 different effects, a straight forward and intuitive UI, topped off with a fully-functioning expression pedal. With OTG capabilities, users can record directly into a compatible device from anywhere!Mooer Green Mile Overdrive PedalMooer Green Mile Overdrive PedalOur price: £45.00View 2 Working Modes:Warm/Hot Warm: Reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier, it provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Mooer Micro LooperMooer Micro LooperOur price: £75.00ViewMICRO LOOPER inherits the MINI size of MICRO SERIES. Record, playback, stop, overdub and delete, all these functions can be controlled by one single footswitch. This gives you an easy and direct operation experience. MICRO LOOPER has up to 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing times. You can focus on your music and need not to worry about other troubles.Mooer Reecho Echo PedalMooer Reecho Echo PedalOur price: £56.99View 3 Delay Modes: Analog/Real Echo/Tape Echo Analog: Simulates a warm and smooth echo sound created by classic analog delay equipment. Real Echo: Simulates a natural echo sound in real environment. Tape Echo: Simulates the sweet and spacy echo sound from a Delay Time: 5ms~780ms vintage tape echo machine. Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass
Mooer Shimverb Reverb PedalMooer Shimverb Reverb PedalOur price: £56.99View 3 Reverb Modes: Room, Spring, Shimmer Room: Different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall. Spring: Simulates a classic spring reverberation, vintage 60’s Surfing sound. Shimmer: Add rich overtone into the reverb sound, spacy, smooth and shining, very popular in Post Rock music. Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Used Mooer Expline expression pedalUsed Mooer Expline expression pedalOur price: £42.00View A micro sized expression pedal that can fit on to any pedalboard with ease Built using high quality components EXPLINE provides smooth and precise control at all times The dual stereo jacks contain different wiring options to ensure maximum compatability with the majority of different products on the market. Pedal is in very good condition
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