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Korg LCA120

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Korg LCA120
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High-performance chromatic tuner that features an extra-large backlit LCD which offers an easily visible meter area and provides convenient functions for accurate tuning as well as numerous features that are helpful for lessons. The flip top design of the tuner allows for closing the tuner to protect the LCD, while also making the unit compact for convenient transport. Closing the tuner will also turn off the power automatically, preserving battery life. The auto backlit display will light when a note is played. Function buttons are arranged with plenty of space for comfortable operation and easy access. Tuner precisely detects notes in a wide range of A0--C8 (88 notes) using Korg's sophisticated technology. The calibration is also adjustable over a broad range of A4=410--480 Hz (in 1Hz steps), supporting tuning of wind, string, and keyboard instruments used in orchestras or brass bands. In addition to the conventional detection method, it offers three different tuning methods: Focus Tune, Sound Back, or Sound Out. Focus Tune function allows for even more accurate tuning within +/-10 cents, while Korg's own Sound Back mode allows for tuning by using a reference tone together with the meter (using the optional CM-100L contact microphone). Temperament Program function allows specifying the tuning pitch for each note. Tuner features a built-in four-octave (C2 to C6) reference tone, indicator marks for perfect major and minor thirds and a Sound Level meter that visually indicates the volume of a performance. Device can be powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (included) or AC adapter. Dimensions (when folded): 101 x 84 x 20.6 mm. Weight (including batteries): 148 g.

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