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CAD equitek e70 Microphone

CAD equitek e70 Microphone
Our price: £129.00

Packaged in a small, rugged metal housing, the equitek e70 condenser microphone provides transparent, accurate acoustic capture. The low mass 1/2" gold sputtered diaphragm makes the e70 the prefered choice for high frequency sources rich in transientssuch as cymbal, hi-hat, strings, acoustic guitar, woodwinds and piano. The transformerless design reduces low frequency distortion at high sound pressure levels. The dual hi-pass filter and dual pad provide the versatility required in demanding live sound and studio applications. The interchangeable capsules provide both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns for greater flexibility. The e70s accuracy, high SPL capability and size make it a valuable tool in the professional audio environment.

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