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Zoom G3X Multi FX Pedal

Zoom G3X Multi FX Pedal
Our price: £149.99

The G3X models a collection of the world's finest amps. The sounds produced are so realistic they even include harmonics and cabinet modeling so even the sonic characteristics that vary depending on physical traits have been recreated. By combining amplifiers and cabinets from different makers you can also create your own unique amp sounds.

Zoom's new sigmoid curve clipper re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube amp's waveform allowing the G3X to simulate amplifier sounds including clean, crunch and full-gain drive tones authentic to the original models whilst maintaining the subtleties of picking and strumming techniques.

The G3X also has 94 diverse types of stompbox presets and you can use up to six effects in any combination. G3X's effects include distortion, compression, modulation, delay and reverb. Its HD Reverb uses DSP power to produce a rich resonance that rivals outboard gear used in pro studios and live rigs. By using this 32-bit floating-point processing the G3X possesses amplifier sounds that are more realistic than ever before. You can still use the G3X in conjunction with traditional stomp boxes. Add a G3X to your pedal board and you will expand your system's effects and modeling capabilities whilst reducing the size and complexity of your setup.

There are over 100 built-in DSP effects on the G3X. Try its compression and wah pedals, chorus effects or reverbs. The dynamic flangers, tremolos, pitch shifters, multi-tap delays, reverse delays and more open up tons of creative options. The G3X can store up to 100 of your original creations without a hitch and with the G3X's 1ms patch change speed you can change from rhythm playing to a solo in an instant by simply pushing the switch.

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