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Cajon Drums

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Meinl Jam Cajon JC50LBNTMeinl Jam Cajon JC50LBNTOur price: £62.99ViewHeight 15" x Width 10.5" x Depth 10 1/4" Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit MYO-CAJMeinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit MYO-CAJOur price: £35.00View Height 18" x Width 11 3/4" x Depth 11 3/4"Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit MYO-CAJ-OVMeinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit MYO-CAJ-OVOur price: £45.00View Height 18" x Width 11 3/4" x Depth 11 3/4
Rauch Kick Cajon DrumRauch Kick Cajon DrumOur price: £189.00View In order to push the boundaries on what is musically possible from a cajon, we did a bit of thinking inside the box. The addition of an internal kick pedal adds an entirely new dynamic to the way the player can interact with the cajon. The inclusion of the pedal introduces a wide new range of tonal possibilities whilst the design allows for ultimate ease of use. The kick pedal allows for more rhythmically detailed playing and the birch wood body provides an ideal surface for the beater, allowing the sound to resonate inside the cajon before leaving the rebated Ruach sound port. Rauch Street Cajon DrumRauch Street Cajon DrumOur price: £109.00View Here at Ruach we understand that inspiration can be triggered in the most unexpected surroundings. In order to accommodate this we created the Street model, an idea inspired by the ever growing community of street musicians and buskers. The front facing sound port coupled with our unique internal design enhances the rich bass, allowing it to permeate even in the noisy outdoors. The birch wood composition compliments the tonality of the fixed 20 strand snare wires, evening out the bass tones with precise highs and providing a balance across the audio spectrum. The water resistant body is raised off the ground using rubber feet, ensuring the quality results expected from a Ruach product are now easily attainable outdoors without worry of damaging the cajon.
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