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Drum heads

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Evans EC2 Tom HeadsEvans EC2 Tom HeadsOur price: From £11.50ViewThe EC2 features a Sound Shaping Technology ring mounted underneath two plies of 7mil film. By controlling edge vibration (instead of eliminating it), the ring isolates and damps higher overtones, enhancing low-end and attack, and enabling a broader tuning range. Evans EQ4 Bass drum headsEvans EQ4 Bass drum headsOur price: From £26.99ViewWarm with a pronounced low-end, the 10mil 1-ply EQ4 provides durability and punch across a wide tuning and dynamic range. The width of the internal control ring varies in proportion to head diameter, allowing smaller drums to resonate when tuned high. The coated version delivers additional warmth, focus and depth.Evans G1 Bass drum headEvans G1 Bass drum headOur price: From £25.50ViewA straight 10mil 1-ply with a bright sustain and broad tuning range, the G1 is a starting point in traditional bass drum sounds. Tuned in the Bop range, it blends seamlessly with toms and provides subtle reinforcement for the bass line.
Evans G1 Tom headsEvans G1 Tom headsOur price: From £9.99ViewThe G1 blends a bright tone, sustain, and sensitivity. This 10mil single-ply sets the standard for an open and expressive sound. Tuned low, it produces a cavernous rumble that emphasizes the natural sound of the shells.Evans G2 Tom HeadsEvans G2 Tom HeadsOur price: From £10.75ViewA perfect blend of depth, sustain, and attack, the G2 is a two-ply head (7mil each) featuring extraordinary consistency and durability. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for the working drummer who switches between styles. It makes rack toms sing and floor toms growl. Evans Hydraulic GlassEvans Hydraulic GlassOur price: From £11.50ViewHydraulics feature two plies that sandwich a thin layer of oil and give the fat, deep, and short sound pioneered by early 70's rock and roll.
Remo Ambassador drum headRemo Ambassador drum headOur price: From £11.99ViewThe Ambassador® heads are medium-weight heads made with a single ply 10-mil Mylar® film to produce an open, bright, and resonant sound with plenty of attack.Remo Pinstripe drum headRemo Pinstripe drum headOur price: From £14.99ViewPinstripe® heads are made with two 7-mil Mylar® plies, and have quick decay, making them ideal heads for the “fat” sounds of Pop, Rock and R&B and for those who want a low-pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics.
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